In a personal conversation with Caterina Valentino, we gain insights into the diverse world of this outstanding personality. From her career in journalism and as a presenter to artistic expressions, Caterina has showcased numerous facets of her talent. As a style icon and media presence, she not only shares her professional experiences but also thoughts on current topics, passions, and future plans.

Caterina, your career has taken many facets, from journalist to presenter and beyond. What motivated you to embark on this versatile professional journey?

I feel pretty comfortable with being versatile because I couldn’t stay just in one place, for sample, I started working on Radio and I have this radio show since 30 years ago and then I started my career as a TV host where I had a chance to work with the most important channel. I spent a lot of years working on the entertainment industry; but also, I love the business world and good manners as well ,for that reason, I decided to educate people through my viral videos wich I call VIP. Where I teach etiquette and manners and some lifestyle.

As a well-known personality in the media, you’ve witnessed numerous developments over the years. In your opinion, how has journalism and the media landscape evolved?

Talking about world journalism, I really concern a lot about how we have lost the objectivity. Mass media sometimes seems to work effortless. That is why when I’m working as a journalist, which I love. I try to always find the truth . But nowadays , world journalism is concerning.

Your work has led you to collaborate with many celebrities and influential figures. Is there a particular encounter or interview that has remained particularly memorable for you?

I’ve done a lot of interviews that really marked my life, like that day I talked to Gabriel García Marquez, Andrea Bocelli. Also, Nicki Jam that has an amazing life story full of resilience. But , also, I have interviewed politicians and presidentes like Alvaro Uribe in Colombia and Ivan Duque. I had the chance to interview Lele Pons too, who is a famous influencer that has done an incredible job on social media. But I really want to have a face to face moment with Carolina Herrera, I think she is one of the most elegant ladies in the world.

Being present not only on television but also on social media, how do you navigate the challenges and opportunities related to your public image and communication with fans?

I manage my social media and I am my own producer on radio and TV. Social media is great because it opens doors beyond borders but sometimes people could be mean. Thank God my followers are polite and nice , but od course there are haters. It is impossible to be “loved” bu everybody. But I think haters are confused fans, the may criticize you but they follow you so…. But you have to be prepared, mentally, to front bad comments .

As a journalist, you’ve covered various topics. Is there a specific subject that holds a special place in your heart, and one you’d like to discuss further?

I was a sexual abused child when I was 9 years old. That’s a scar that would always be on my chest, but I turned it into a story to fight against child abuse . I do not want any child to go through this , never. That is why I tell my story all the time, because parents have to protect their kids and understand that, 80% of times, abusers are close to family. So please, protect our kids.

The entertainment industry can be demanding. How do you manage to strike a balance between your professional career and personal well-being?

Years ago my life was 100% a laboral-professional life. But now it’s 50/50. Today I workout , I eat healthy and I try to have quality time with friends and family. Success sometimes means to sacrifice some stuff , Luis Miguel told me that, who is a famous mexican singer. And it is true but now I believe in 50/50

In what way do you view your role as a media personality concerning social responsibility? Are there specific causes or topics you would like to promote?

Children abuse is for me an importan topic and I will still fighting against this. On the other hand, my next step is to have a show about manners and an Academy to teach people how to be their best version.

Being recognized as a style icon for your elegant and refined look, how do you define your personal style, and are there fashion tips you’d like to share with your fans?

I feel very passionate about fashion and clothing. I love Chanel, it is so fancy and classy but I do love Valentino, Versace, D&G , it is maybe related because I’m italian too and I think I am very versatil at fashion. I believe women should always have a white shirt, black dress and nude heels . But also respect your femenine energy , we should have clean nails, clean hair, nice parfume and of course be smart and educated.

Caterina, having also worked in radio, how do you perceive the differences in this medium compared to television or online hosting?

Next month I will be 29 year on air as a Radio personality. Radio is different from Tv because the message is faster. Be on radio is a challenge but is great because you improve your speech and the way you communicate. I love radio and I hope to keep doing this.

With your background as a journalist and presenter, how do you envision the future of the media industry, especially in the digital age?

It is sad to say this but I believe TV will disappear. Nowadays streaming platforms such as Primer, Hulu , Hbo are the main source of entertainment . People now watch tv for Golden Globes, Red Carpets. But they do not watch series or movies anymore and that is something everybody knows.

Having worked in various countries and cultures, how has this diversity influenced your perspective on the world and your work?

When you work around the world as a Journalist searching for human stories and the truth, you connect with other cultures and that is amazing. I have been in Dubai and Qatar working as a Journalist and it is amazing to meet new people and different perspectives. You understand that respect is eveything we need to coexist.

As a mother, you play an essential role in your personal life. How do you manage to balance professional commitments with family responsibilities?

I have not become a mother yet but that is one of my goals. I have a huge family but still single. I used to be focused on my professional life but now it is different. I’m very familiar. Every sunday we meet together to have quality time beetween brothers and sisters and I think thats beautiful when we meet in Italy or Venezuela. It is magical.

Caterina, you’ve also ventured into singing. How has your passion for music influenced your creative side, and do you have plans for further musical projects?

When I started on this business I did it as a singer with master Simon Diaz. But my dad always used to take me to singing contest, and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I have this song inspired by an Italian song which I sang with my brother and of course I would like to have a collaboration with some artist someday. I love singing I love music and that’s one of my pending stuff.

Social issues are often a central aspect of reporting. Is there a cause that you particularly want to draw attention to?

I have a non profit organization named “Los buenos somos más” to help people in need. And I am a volunteer at Ronald Macdonald’s House. Where we help children with medical special needs. Kids are son important to me and I will always work for them

In conclusion, could you provide us with insights into your future projects and ambitions? Are there unfulfilled dreams you still aspire to pursue in your career?

My dream is to take “VIP” to a next level like a tv Show on Netflix. I love to help people to find their best version and inspired them to achieve their dreams. I want to keep going with my radio show because I started on this when I was very young and I wont quite, NEVER!
I also want to work with italian brands because Im Italian and also the italian government gave this Cavaliere title and that makes me so proud.

In this inspiring conversation with Caterina Valentina, it became evident that her versatility and passion not only shape her career but also influence her perspective on the world. 

Thank you for your time.