Ida Lundgren, an impressive personality, not only known as a model and actress but also a member of a renowned film family. In this exclusive conversation, we will delve deeper into Ida’s versatile career, explore her perspectives on current topics, and discover how she intertwines her passions in the realms of family, film, health, and fashion. Join us on this journey to uncover the facets and inspirations that Ida Lundgren brings to the table.

As a member of a renowned film family, you bring a unique perspective. How has your family environment influenced your view of the film industry?

I have mostly seen the film industry as quite negative especially growing up. I had seen a lot of things that i thought where very intense but when i started getting older and knowing myself more i think its a very rewarding career a good space to inspire people and help people which i love and i would like to try it out more in debth.

Dolph Lundgren is an action film legend. To what extent has his success and influence shaped your own ambitions in the film industry?

I think I’ve seen the ups and the downs but it did save my dad in many ways mentally and physically. I think right now at this point of my life I’m ready to explore it more and see where it takes me.

The film industry has undergone changes in terms of diversity and inclusion in recent years. Which developments do you particularly welcome?

I think it’s great that everyone is trying to work towards a more fair and inclusive industry but sometimes i feel it gets overly exaggerated.

Health and fitness are crucial aspects of your life. How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially in a frequently hectic environment?

I have always been sporty and athletic as a child. I loved sports in school and competed. I feel like even if I’m in a hectic environment or travelling a lot i always tend to fit some type of health oriented thing into my schedule. Balance is key.


Do you have a preferred sport or exercise form that holds special significance for you?

Right now I’m into pilates, hikes in nature, some yoga and using bands a light weights.

As a model active in the fashion industry, how do you define your personal style, and which fashion trends currently captivate your interest?

I normally like to mix and match a lot. I want to always be classy and comfortable but has to be some type of edge in it. Trends can be inspiring but I don’t really follow them.

Diversity and authenticity are increasingly important in the fashion industry. How do you personally advocate for these values?

I feel like it’s important that everyone feels included in the fashion industry but i think right now it’s become too progressive which creates other issues. I try to show natural not so perfect look as nowadays its a lot of the extreme looks.

What role does family play in your life, especially in terms of support and inspiration?

Family is everything to me. I’m very close to my family and it’s good we can talk about everything and be open to one another.

Looking at your own career, are there specific film projects or genres you would like to explore in the future?

I am at a phase in my life where i want to explore and see what fits me best as a performer. I’m quite open to it all.

How do you navigate the balance between your privacy and public presence on social media?

I used to post a lot of private stuff and now I’m trying to make it more professional and only work oriented but with a touch of my personal life in limits.

What advice would you give to young individuals interested in pursuing a career in film or fashion?

Be true to yourself everyone has their time. Don’t compare yourself to others and how they have made it. Find your strong point and niche push on that. Always be kind but it’s also good to say no sometimes if something doesn’t feel right to you.

Given that health and well-being are central to your life, are there specific routines or habits you would recommend to others?

Peace of mind and balance. Nothing extreme is good for you. I feel like when i took a step back things fell into place for me. Also having a stable base and home is important and a good group of friends or family around you.

Social media is good for many things but it’s not good to only depend on it and be on it too much. Exploring and doing positive things for your mind and body is the best. Learning more about you! Listening to happy uplifting things.

In what ways do you see film and fashion as platforms to address or support important societal issues?

It is a good platform to show inspiring stories but nowadays I feel like sometimes things can be very negative to young girls and boys. Too much information is out there and it’s very easy to access.

If you have a big brand or a big movie it can be extremely influential to people.

What hobbies or interests do you pursue to relax outside of your professional commitments?

I like anything to do with wellness and health. I love working out, hanging with friends, listen to good podcasts about life and mental health. I love good food and exploring different cultures.

What is your vision for the future, both in terms of your career and personal life?

Of course to carry on modelling and acting. I wanna inspire young girls to live in a positive way and show you can always get on a good path no matter what. I also would love to have my own wellness brand in the future.

For my personal life i want to have a family and keep the strong family bonds and keep on travelling the world 🙂

This conversation with Ida Lundgren has given us a glimpse into her career, her perspectives on current topics, and the intertwining of her passions in the realms of family, film, health, and fashion. Similar to other remarkable personalities who have shared their experiences and perspectives, we would like to express our gratitude to Ida for her openness and inspiration. Thank you for your time.