Interview with Kelly Rutherford


As an actress you are very versatile and play the most diverse characters. Many fans know you from the hit series “Gossip Girl”. Despite the success, you have remained down to earth.

The last few years were not easy for you privately. And then came the Corona Pandemic.


The Corona pandemic hit us all. How did you use this time and especially the lock-downs?

I co founded a social media app for knowledge and expertise called whyzzer and cleaned out a storage i had wanted to do for years!

Do you still find time for your private life besides acting, being a mother and an entrepreneur?

Yes its all one really its all enjoying what needs you attention at the time and there is no perfect balance just a life that is beautiful regardless.

How important is work-life balance to you?

Not sure what that is. I know its something we get asked often just know I do my best.

You recently joined the German start-up “Whyzzer” as an investor. Can you tell us something about what made you take this step?

I really love my co founders and I believe in what they are doing. Its something I have wished was in the world . So happy it will exist.

You spend a lot of time in Europe. Are you thinking of moving your residence to Europe?

I really love Europe and it’s nice to spend time here. I do travel some for work so it’s nice for a change.


Many stars have become entrepreneurs in addition to acting.

Mostly it’s about collaboration and learning new things .


What qualities and talents did you acquire as an actress that are now important as an entrepreneur?

Mainly the ability to work with people and hold space for many ideas and at the same time staying tru to the vision. A lot of it is just the ability to keep showing up. And with ideas and passion for what you are doing. And loving what I do helps.


What films or projects are you planning for the future?

I have three films in development as a producer and I am excited to do another tv series.


Finally, a short question – If you would like to give a tip to aspiring young actors or entrepreneurs. What would it be?

I always think of what would be a benefit to everyone and what is not out there in the world new ways of doing things that are going to be a win win. Also Do what you are interested in and study it because you enjoy it. I love fashion and home design and have kind of studied it not because of business because I love it and it has come in useful in so many things I do. I love to know why we do what we do and why we make the choices we do and that has helped in my work as well.


Thank you for your time for the interview.



Interview by Michael Reckendorfer