Pia Wurtzbach – an icon who has captured the hearts of people worldwide. Crowned as the proud representative of the Philippines, she was named Miss Universe 2015 and has since remained in the spotlight. With her beauty, charm, and impressive personality, she has not only revolutionized the world of beauty pageants but also left a lasting impact as an actress, model, and philanthropist.

As a former Miss Universe, you have had an extraordinary journey. How has this experience influenced your life and career?

I’d say being Miss Universe has had the biggest impact on my life. In fact, I feel like it’s truly been THE “defining moment” for me. The crown literally changed my life and opened so many doors of opportunities for me. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like if Miss Universe 2015 didn’t happen for me. My journey always reminds me that if something is meant for you, it will happen for you. You just need to put in the work.

You are not just a symbol of beauty but also of strength and empowerment. How do you see your role as a role model for young women around the world?

I once mentioned this in a tweet – I am grateful to people who call me their “queen” but I think the biggest and most heartwarming compliment for me is when people tell me how much they relate to me. My journey to the crown wasn’t easy. Be it in pageantry, in showbiz and even in my recent appearances in fashion week, I’ve been called “trying hard”. Among many other things, I think I’m here to remind young women around the world that there is nothing bad about trying (too) hard. Nothing in life comes easy and the courage to try is what will open doors for you.

As an ambassador for various charitable organizations, you advocate for various causes. Can you tell us about a project or initiative that is particularly close to your heart?

I always joke about being “raised by the gays” because it’s true. During my journey in pageantry, the LGBTQIA+ community was there supporting me. SOGIE education is something that’s very close to my heart. Apart from that, I’ve spent the last few years working on HIV awareness with local and international organizations. Especially in the Philippines, it’s something that needs to be talked about more and there’s still so much destigmatizing that needs to be done.

The Miss Universe pageants have evolved over the years. How do you think the definition of beauty and success has changed in society?

I think the definition of beauty and of success has changed in the sense that it carries more depth now. Both beauty and success have gone beyond the superficial or simply what meets the eye. To me, at least, beauty is more about how much you’re able to inspire others to see the beauty within themselves and success is really all about how much positive impact you can create to make life more beautiful for society.

What challenges have you had to overcome on your path to success as a model and personality, and what has motivated you to keep going?

There’s a lot, to be honest! It’s an open secret that I came from very small beginnings so there were really a lot of challenges. I’ve also had to shut out so much noise but that’s just really how it is. It comes with the territory. I think the biggest challenge, however, is the battle that was going on inside my head. I’ve shared all about it in my Ted Talk. At the end of the day, when you’re alone in your hotel room, there are no more cameras flashing or a crowd to walk past, you’re left with nothing but your thoughts. My mind, at one point, was my harshest critic and my worst enemy. What really kept me going was getting the help that I need and constantly grounding and reminding myself that I am living in so many of my prayers. I have worked so hard and given so much to simply just give up. At the same time, I think the only way to give back to everyone who has given me unconditional support is to make the most out of every opportunity given to me.

Your presence on social media is remarkable. How do you utilize these platforms to spread your messages and connect with your fans?

None of my victories would’ve been possible without the support of my fans. In the past years, I’ve been putting the extra effort to engage with them. To make them feel seen, heard and understood. Believe it or not, I try my best to really read and engage with every story, every comment and every message. I also try to share more about my advocacies, new learnings and milestones. I always want them to feel that they’re included in this journey with me.

As a Filipino-German personality, you represent a diverse cultural identity. How does your cultural background influence your work and your worldview?

Everyone knows my upbringing is very Filipino but I’ve also gotten the opportunity to live in different countries before and after my Miss Universe win. I think one of the best things about having multicultural roots is the open mindedness that comes with it. I try to live by the best of all the values from the different cultures I’ve gotten the chance to be immersed with. Openness is the key to growth.

Fashion plays a significant role in your career. How would you define your personal style, and are there any designers or fashion trends that particularly inspire you?

I’d say my personal style is ever-evolving, just like me. One day you can see me all decked out in a street wear-ish “off-duty” look. The next day you can see me all glammed up in the dressiest dress ever made. I wouldn’t label it under something singular. In terms of designers, there are way too many that come to mind but I always love working with designers who put a lot of heart, soul and passion into their work.

The entertainment industry can be challenging. How do you find a balance between your professional success and your personal well-being?

I’m a self-confessed workaholic. Being the breadwinner in the family and working at such a young age, I used to think my value and worth as a person was synonymous to how much I achieved professionally. Now, I’ve learned to put myself first from time to time. I try to really take the time to do things for myself..not just for Pia the Miss Universe, Pia the public figure or Pia the model, but for Pia..just Pia.

What role does fitness and healthy living play in your life, and do you have any advice for people looking to find a healthy balance between work and well-being?

Since my work really requires me to actually look good and be physically present, it’s vital that my body is at its healthiest most, if not all the time. I treat my workout sessions like important meetings that must not be missed. I know we’ve all heard of the saying that we all have 24 hours..but the truth is that those 24 hours vary for every person. My advice is to meet your body at the level it’s ready and don’t let what you see on social media pressure you.

As a well-known personality, you are often in the public eye. How do you protect your privacy while remaining authentic?

A lot of people think that being authentic means laying all your cards out in the open. That’s not how it is for me. To me, authenticity means being as honest and as sincere as possible with every appearance, every interview or even every social media post. In recent years, I’ve learned to strike a balance between keeping my fans “updated” while keeping certain things to myself. Privacy is power.

What are your future goals and ambitions, both professionally and personally?

There’s a lot that comes to mind and I don’t wanna jinx anything! Haha but to summarize, both professionally and personally, I’m manifesting more growth, stability and a lot of happiness. I’ve gone through so much throughout my life and right now, I’m really all about building a soft life.

How do you think the role of women in the entertainment industry will evolve in the coming years, and what changes would you like to see?

It’s an exciting time to be in this industry. In the coming years, I’m really optimistic that we’ll have more women calling the shots, more women being given the opportunity to bring their creative visions to life, more women paving the way for diversity and inclusivity. Women are beautiful, period, but it’d be wonderful to see women emerge from just being objects of desire.

Finally, could you share some of your personal wisdom or mottoes that have guided you through your life and career?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – whatever is meant for you will never pass you by. It sounds cliche but I’ve seen it in my career over and over. Just put in the work, always be ready and trust that the world, or the universe, rather always has your best interest at heart. When I was younger, I romanticized the idea of having to fight for so many things and now that I’m older, I realize that there is such a thing as divine timing. You can’t make it before you’re ready. The only foolproof strategy to success is to make the most out of everyday, even the bad ones, one day at a time.

Your journey from being crowned Miss Universe 2015 to your success as an actress, model, and philanthropist is a true testament to your strength and determination. Thank you for your time.

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