Sophia Kianni is a prominent voice in the global climate movement and the founder of Climate Cardinals, an organization dedicated to translating climate information into various languages to reach more people worldwide. Her passion for climate activism began at a young age, and since then, she has tirelessly worked to raise awareness about the urgency of climate change.


1. **You are a prominent voice in the climate movement. What originally inspired you to get involved in climate activism?**

My inspiration to get involved in climate activism came from witnessing the severe environmental degradation in my parents’ homeland of Iran. The firsthand experience of the devastating impact of climate change on local communities and ecosystems fueled my passion to make a difference. Additionally, the lack of accessible climate information in languages other than English made me realize the importance of breaking down language barriers in the climate movement.

2. **Can you tell us more about Climate Cardinals and how the organization came about?**

Climate Cardinals is a youth-led nonprofit organization that aims to make climate education accessible to everyone, regardless of the language they speak. It was founded in 2020 after I realized that a significant portion of the global population lacked access to climate information in their native languages. With a team of dedicated volunteers, we translate climate resources into over 100 languages, ensuring that more people can join the fight against climate change.

3. **What achievements has Climate Cardinals accomplished so far that you are particularly proud of?**

I’m incredibly proud of the impact Climate Cardinals has made in a relatively short period. We’ve translated hundreds of climate-related documents and reached millions of people worldwide. One of our significant achievements is partnering with various United Nations bodies to translate their climate reports, making crucial information available to non-English speakers. We’ve also built a global network of passionate young volunteers who are committed to spreading climate awareness in their communities.

4. **What does a typical workday look like for you when working on Climate Cardinals projects?**

A typical workday for me involves a mix of strategic planning, team coordination, and outreach activities. I spend a lot of time communicating with our full-time staff, volunteers, and partners, overseeing translation projects, and planning future initiatives. I also dedicate time to research and staying updated on the latest climate science to ensure our resources are accurate and relevant.

5. **What motivates you the most to engage in climate activism, and which projects are currently most important to you?**

My motivation comes from a deep concern for the future of our planet and the well-being of future generations. Seeing the tangible impacts of our work, such as increased climate literacy and empowered communities, keeps me driven. Currently, I’m focused on expanding our translation efforts to reach even more people and developing educational programs to engage youth in climate action. Collaborating with other climate organizations to amplify our collective impact is also a priority.

6. **You are also known for your eco-conscious approach to fashion. How do you think the fashion industry can become more sustainable, and which brands or initiatives do you support?**

The fashion industry can become more sustainable by adopting practices that reduce waste, use eco-friendly materials, and ensure fair labor practices. Brands can also focus on creating timeless, high-quality pieces that discourage the fast fashion mentality and engaging in more circularity initiatives. Advocating for circular fashion models, where clothing is upcycled and resold, is another important step, and I am a big supporter of secondhand shopping.

7. **How do you take care of your personal health and well-being while being involved in so many different projects?**

Taking care of my personal health and well-being is crucial to maintaining my energy and focus. I make sure to prioritize self-care by setting aside time for relaxation, pursuing hobbies, and staying connected with loved ones. Mindfulness practices, such as meditation and journaling, help me manage stress and stay grounded. Additionally, I maintain a balanced diet and try to spend time outdoors to keep my body and mind in top shape.

8. **Do you have specific fitness routines or sports that help you stay physically fit and mentally balanced?**

I enjoy a variety of fitness routines, including incline walking and hiking. Running and incline walking gives me a great cardiovascular workout and a mental boost. I also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, which allow me to connect with nature and recharge.

9. **How do you balance your activism, professional commitments, and private life?**

Balancing my activism, professional commitments, and private life requires careful time management and setting clear boundaries. I prioritize my tasks and delegate when necessary to ensure that I’m not overwhelmed. It’s important to me to maintain a strong support network and communicate openly with my team and loved ones about my availability and needs. Scheduling regular downtime and breaks helps me stay productive and avoid burnout.

10. **How important is a healthy lifestyle to your ability to work effectively as an activist, and what tips do you have for others leading similarly demanding lives?**

A healthy lifestyle is fundamental to my effectiveness as an activist. It allows me to maintain the energy and resilience needed to tackle challenges and stay focused on my goals. My tips for others are to prioritize self-care, stay organized, and seek support when needed. It’s also essential to stay passionate about your cause and remind yourself of the positive impact you’re making. Regularly reassessing your goals and adjusting your strategies can help you stay motivated and effective.

11. **Who or what inspires you in your daily life, both professionally and personally?**

I’m inspired by the incredible young activists around the world who are tirelessly working to create a better future. Their dedication and creativity fuel my own passion for climate action. On a personal level, my family and close friends provide unwavering support and inspiration. Nature itself is also a significant source of inspiration for me; spending time outdoors reminds me of the beauty we’re striving to protect.

12. **Where do you see yourself and your work in the next five years, particularly regarding climate activism and your personal interests?**

In the next five years, I envision Climate Cardinals expanding its reach and impact, becoming a leading force in global climate education. Personally, I aim to continue growing as a leader and advocate, taking on more strategic roles within the climate movement. I also hope to explore my interests in sustainable fashion and innovation further, launching initiatives that bridge these passions with my activism. Ultimately, I aspire to inspire more young people to join the fight against climate change and make meaningful contributions to our planet’s future.

13. **What hobbies or activities outside of your professional work are particularly important to you?**

Outside of my professional work, I enjoy activities that allow me to unwind and express my creativity. Reading, especially fiction and poetry, helps me relax and stimulates my imagination. Additionally, spending quality time with family and friends is essential to my happiness and well-being.


Our conversation with Sophia Kianni has given us not only a deep insight into her tireless work and passion for climate activism but also demonstrated how diverse and comprehensive her efforts are. Sophia inspires with her dedication and determination to make positive changes. Thank you for your time.


Photocredit: Sophia Kianni

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