Victoria Silvstedt, an international icon who has achieved success in the realms of modeling, acting, and philanthropy, provides us with a unique glimpse into her fascinating life and multifaceted career. Victoria has not only conquered the fashion industry, gracing the covers of prestigious magazines, but she has also left an enduring impact in the world of charity. With a background in economics and finance, she brings a profound perspective to the entertainment industry, rendering her experiences and viewpoints all the more significant. In an era where print media, social media, and digital presence exert an ever-increasing influence on our lives, Victoria adeptly and authentically navigates this ever-evolving terrain. In this interview, we will delve deep into her impressive career, explore her thoughts on cultural diversity, shed light on the projects that have inspired her, and gain insight into her stances on critical societal issues. Furthermore, we will investigate how she harmonizes her professional career with a healthy lifestyle and take a glimpse into her personal and professional aspirations for the future.

1. You’ve experienced many countries and cultures in your career. How has this diversity influenced your perspective on the world, and which cultural experiences have left a lasting impression on you?

It’s been an amazing journey and experience living and learning different cultures and languages . The first languages I learned after English was Italian… everything about italy makes me happy .. I came for a modeling job and ended up getting a Tv show as a presenter.. learned Italian quickly and got many movie roles … I feel like anything is possible in Italy if u have the right attitude.

I was also living the American dream in Hollywood.. I became famous after being on the Cover of the American Playboy .. signed a huge GUESS ! Jeans contract ans there after movie and Tv roles .. I loved the American life style back then. It was like living in a dream .. I came as a 21 year old and grew up very fast career took me to South America , Japan that I absolute fell in love with. The culture the food and theirs politeness. I also got discovered in Paris by a Tv network TF1 while I was in Paris on a modeling gig ..”La Roue de la Fortune “ became a huge hit with me as a co presenter and I learned fluent french .. it was not at all in my plan to spend so much time in Paris .. but thanks to the huge success I signed many other Tv contracts .. voila the rest is history .. I learned so much by travelling and working in so many countries..i love the diversity of the different cultures and I learned to appreciate every little succès on the way !

2. As a model and actress, you’ve been involved in many exciting projects. Is there a specific project or collaboration that you found particularly inspiring or educational?

The most fun and interesting was definitely filming the movie “Boattrip” starring Roger Moore and Cuba Gooding JR . We spent a month together between studios and filming on a cruise ship in the Med .. Roger was always so entertaining during the dinners .. he would get us all to crack up to his jokes . Thanks to my fame in the US I got invited to the powerful Sun Valley conference where only the top buisness brains and Presidents of the world are invited to. I got to meet Bill Gates and Paul Allen and listen to interesting conversations.. that I never forget ! I also met Bill Clinton and Trump at a private function .

3. In today’s era of social media and constant online presence, how do you navigate the challenges and opportunities regarding your public image and communication with your fans?

I share my daily routine , fitness , my work .. my Fashion Style ..and most of all my positive attitude to life .. it keeps me happy also to share with my fans .. I try to inspire in a positive way.

4. Is there a specific message or cause that you would like to share through your platform and public profile? Are there societal issues that are particularly close to your heart?

I support many various Charity’s .. one is Ange Gardiens Monaco where we feed the homeless in Nice ..I go sometimes myself with the team and help give out food and sleeping bags. .. it makes me feel good to give back . Also I’m one of the Ambassadors of The Perfect World foundation to help protect the Environment, keep the Oceans clean and protect the wild animal .

5. With your background in economics and finance, you bring a unique perspective to the entertainment industry. Could you tell us more about how you’ve applied this knowledge in your career?

I’ve been an active Investor in the financial market since 2009.. after the bank crash I lost some money.. so I took my portfolio on my own hands ..watching financial news daily and got lucky trading Forex .. then I started trading equities and bonds … so I make money with the money I earned over the years .. it becomes quite addicting … I’m now more conservative in my investments .. I’m buying and selling some real estate also .. it stimulates me a lot !

6. What role does fitness and a healthy lifestyle play in your life, and do you have advice for individuals seeking a healthy balance between their careers and well-being?

Now I focus a lot on my health and well-being .. I try to get at least 8 h of sleep .. eat heathy and keep moving .. I’m naturally very active so sports is natural for me ..I like to to go power walks and hikes .. Pilates and core training is what a few times a week .. I also do have a lot of fun.. I love to socialize and go out dancing.. so keeping the balance between healthy and having fun .. I do love Champagne.. happy bubbles !!

7. As a philanthropist, you’re involved in various charitable organizations. Could you tell us about a specific project that is especially meaningful to you and how your work has contributed to making a positive impact?

As I said I’m involved in many Charites .. I support Save the Children, UNICEF for the poor Children affected by war .. I can’t believe so many Children are living in a war zone .. so close to us here in Europe. It breaks my heart .. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook but looking at the news every day has become very depressing.

8. Fashion is a significant part of your career. How would you define your personal style, and what are some of your favorite fashion and beauty tips?

I love Fashion and i love Glamour.

Living in Monaco makes me dress a bit more classy and glamorous.. designer clothes .

When I travel I’m more of a casual chic jeans girl .. always with nice accessories .. in Sweden and America the trend is very street wear so that’s where I’m the most casual .. I love to follow the trends .. but only if it’s flattering and feminine.

9. What challenges and opportunities do you see for women in today’s entertainment industry, and how do you think the industry will evolve in the coming years?

I see more powerful women in the entertainment world also .. it’s going on the right direction .. you can work still after a certain age…that is amazing!

10. To wrap up, could you share some of your personal goals and dreams for the future? Are there any unfulfilled aspirations you’re looking to pursue in your career?

never planned anything in my carrier .. I took advantage of opportunities that came my way .. it’s been an amazing ride ..I’ve tried most things in my carrier .. Modeling, Acting ,Singing , Tv Presenter.. owning my own brands and trading the financial market and real estate .. I will keep working on my brand and definitely enjoy the ride with a positive attitude and hopefully inspire some young girls out there .. work hard and make it happen .. if there is a will there is a way remember that !!

In this exclusive interview with the versatile personality, Victoria Silvstedt, we have gained a fascinating glimpse into her remarkable career and life philosophy. Her experiences in modeling, acting, charity work, and the fashion industry reflect her dedication and passion for the realms of arts and social change.

Thank you, Victoria, for your time and your inspiring insights. We look forward to seeing how your journey continues.

Phtocredit: Stephan Gagnard