HOUSE OF HOMMEìS is the home of unique and bold design brands that share the same ultra-modern lexicon. Starting as HOMMEìS Studio, the brand’s unceasing creative evolution, and mutation branched out TAPIS Studio, ACH Collection & ACH 4Pets, and Gallery Design Store.

Tailored to comprehensive lifestyles, HOUSE OF HOMMEìS creates modern furniture, bold decor objects, luxe pet accessories, stylish rugs that blend artisan knowledge and industrial innovation, and sophisticated wallpapers & fabrics featuring rich patterns and refined textures, paying particular attention to how they fit in the same space.


HOUSE OF HOMMEìS aims to outline the singularity of each brand. NEOCOSMOS is a theatrical affirmation of HOMMEìS Studio’s chameleonic genetic code and how a plethora of objects with strong character can harmoniously inhabit under the same roof.

HOUSE OF HOMMES invites visitors to use their senses–sight, touch, hearing, and smell–to explore materials, finishes, and samples of the meticulously crafted designs and learn the distinctiveness of each provocative and improbable brand through an immersive showroom experience.



HOMMÉS Studio is born from a skilled merge of visionary identities with distinctive design, art, fashion and pop culture perspectives, from Art Deco, Mid Century, Modern, Maximalist, and Memphis styles. The studio conveys its inspiration into design pieces that are refreshing and relevant, paying particular attention to how they can fit contemporary spaces with bold and unique identities. HOMMÉS Studio aims to set trends instead of following them. The design studio is in unceasing creative evolution and mutation, branching out new brands and forms of expression. Under its umbrella, TAPIS Studio & ACH Collection, add up to the interior design industry with modern rugs and cheerful home accessories, that complement every room with colorful and sculptural entities.

The designs become artistic bodies in a blend of artisan knowledge and industrial innovation, crafted under ethical and sustainable practices. Believing that a house must express the owner’s soul, HOMMÉS Studio products are tailored to comprehensive lifestyles.