Dr. Bruce Reith is no ordinary surgeon. With his passion for excellence and dedication to his patients, he has earned a reputation as one of the leading experts in the field of aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation. His work extends far beyond the confines of his practice, reaching international audiences as he not only performs successful treatments but also delivers lectures and drives innovation within the industry. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Reith provides us with a glimpse into his fascinating world of surgery, his motivation behind his work, and his vision for the future of aesthetic medicine.

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You are a respected surgeon who has specialized in innovative hair transplant procedures. With your extensive knowledge and experience, you have helped numerous patients regain confidence and improve their quality of life. Bruce, can you give us insight into your experiences and expertise in the field of hair surgery and how you came to specialize in this area?

By coincidence, I found myself in that situation, just like many other experiences in life. Prior to that, I had spent multiple years working at university clinics in Munich, specializing in various areas such as cardiac, trauma, vascular, general, and eventually aesthetic and plastic surgery. It was then, upon receiving an invitation from Ivo Pitanguy, that I decided to go to Rio de Janeiro. During that period, it was evident that most established surgical techniques could be attributed to him, except for one significant issue – the field of hair surgery. This was my new challenge to specialize in this area.

Dr. Reith's current international lectures

With your commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction, you have built a reputation as a leading provider of hair transplants. How do you ensure that your patients receive high-quality and safe hair transplant procedures, and what measures do you take to ensure successful treatment?

My boss for me is always the patient and for me the product is always better than the packaging. Unfortunately, in my industry it´s exactly the other way around. For instance, the Turks invest all their money in online marketing rather than training and equipment. Hair transplants are considered a mass product, but it is still an operation that cannot be easily exchanged or returned like a commodity. There, untrained non-medical staff perform the surgery and patients don’t meet a doctor during the procedure. Detailed information, correct diagnosis, and proper indication for the treatment method are crucial to meet the patient´s desires and attain good and naturally outcomes.

Only a highly trained and experienced hair surgeon who keeps up with the latest medical standards can guarantee this. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most of the hair restoration surgeons. I prioritize safety and naturalness, followed by transplantation density and finally the price.
Opting for cheap alternatives can backfire, especially in the field of hair transplantation. While it may seem cost-effective, poorly performed procedures often require complex repairs, and there´s a limited supply of donor hair. Thus, cheap operations end up being the most expensive solution in the long run. My strong recommendation to those considering hair transplantation is to avoid inexperienced or deceptive practitioners. Choose a reputable partner who specializes in modern techniques and has a good track record. Though they may be pricier, the results are significantly superior. There are usually listed in the international society of hair restoration surgery (

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Through your comprehensive expertise and dedication to excellence, you have received numerous awards and recognitions for your work. Can you tell us about some of your most significant awards and recognitions in the field of hair surgery and what they mean to you personally?

Awards hold no big significance to me and carry no weight as most are not really deserved. Colleagues in the same field recommend each other or receive awards in the rotation system. It´s also possible to pay an annual fee to be on lists like the Focus best list, but that doesn´t mean they are able to perform good surgeries. For me, recognition was e.g. a heartfelt thank you letter from Michael Jackson or as famous patients of mine in Germany publicly revealed their positive experiences and results, resulting in an increase in demand of more than 36%.

Your expertise and dedication are in demand internationally. Can you tell us more about how your work as a surgeon unfolds on a global level and what impact it has?

My pursuit of recognition has always been at the international level, rather than national. Germany is like a competitive arena for hair surgeons, where envy and resentment prevail instead of recognition and appreciation. Celebrities like Michael Jackson certainly opened the door for me, but I walked through it myself. Nothing comes from nothing, that means nothing can be achieved without effort. In my cardiac surgery career, I worked tirelessly for 36 hours a day for a period of two years, often only having 8 hours of rest to learn everything from scratch. I have always been unsatisfied with my skills, so I frequently traveled to different countries to observe what others were doing better than me and stayed there to gain knowledge from their latest surgical technics and I still do that to this day. I then made my own experiences with what I learned and adopted what worked well. Ultimately, my patients benefited from it and more and more inquiries came from all over the world, including from Hollywood. The celebrities particularly appreciate the natural result and their absolute anonymity. Although everyone´s appearance improved, nobody perceived that they had undergone cosmetic treatments.

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You successfully performed a non-surgical nose correction on Shirin Kelly (Heidi Klum) using hyaluronic acid. What are the advantages of this non-invasive method compared to traditional nose corrections, and who is it suitable for?

A surgical nose correction is always permanent, but the result can only be seen after a year and the nose often does not harmonize with the face and looks unnatural. By using hyaluronic acid, you have the option of gradually achieving the outcome or experiencing instant results. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can dissolve it once again. When it comes to perception versus reality, the way you perceive things is always prioritized. If someone believes their nose looks too big, they have the option of injecting hyaluronic acid into the surrounding areas such as the cheeks, chin, and forehead, which will give the illusion of a smaller nose.

Hyaluronic acid can straighten the nose and give it a smaller appearance. After her rhinoplasty surgery, Shirin had a nose that resembled a ski jump. To obtain a natural outcome, the use of hyaluronic acid effectively harmonized this curve. Hyaluronic acid works very effectively in treating smaller irregularities or if the patient prefers to avoid surgery. Extreme caution must be exercised when undertaking this procedure, as it poses a considerable risk of resulting in an embolism, thus it should only be handled by highly skilled professionals.

Nose and hollow eye circle correction Shirin GNTM (Heidi Klum)

You travel worldwide and give numerous lectures. Many years ago, you had a life-changing experience at LA airport where you were a victim of a shooting. How do you cope with the traumatic experience and how have you processed it?

Because I never leave anything to chance, I was not aware until this point that such unpredictable events could occur at such an unexpected time. Being directly threatened with death and having already ended its life, is a hard and difficult experience, but after a while of coping you emerge stronger from it. Since then, I have maintained the mindset of expect the worst, but hope for the best.

As a surgeon, how do you address the psychological and emotional needs of patients considering surgery for aesthetic reasons?

This is a very crucial question because ultimately it is the feeling that makes the patient happy and less its result.
So, it is essential to thoroughly understand their medical history to respond to their wishes to make the patient satisfied and happy.
When there is uncertainty, I would refrain from performing surgery on the patient as there may be a fine boundary between their desires and what can be achieved.

Kobe Bryant visting Germany for regenerative medicine.

What new treatment methods and technologies have you introduced or observed in hair surgery that have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of hair loss?

New emerging methods are biologic treatments in regenerative medicine, especially for hair loss, which are also the topics of my research and international lectures.
While the number of hair transplants and prescribed medications will remain the same, regenerative treatment methods such as PRP and especially exosomes will increase dramatically in the future.
Hair loss therapies in combination, for example low laser level therapy (Laser cap) with PRP or exosomes, are also very promising.
Today we know very well that an intact hair follicle that is not more than 50% damaged (>50% of the original diameter) can be completely regenerated or at least preserved if it is damaged by more than 50%.

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In your work as a surgeon, you often push your limits. How do you utilize your free time for yourself?

When it comes to work and free time, I always make sure to keep them separate. However, in both aspects of my life, I approach them with either love, desire, and passion, or not at all. For instance, my private events have gained me more fame than my surgical activities, making Bruce&Friends a recognized brand, also international.
Hollywood stars, meet top models and international artists perform in my living room. Make the impossible possible and not the other way round is also here my ambition.


How important is mental health and fitness for you?

Due to my PhD in public health, I have a good understanding of the importance of mental, social, and physical health.
My top priority is maintaining good health, which I value more than making money, achieving success, or building relationships.
I can confidently say that I have a strong aversion to smoking, making me more anti-smoking than anyone I know.
To avoid succumbing to addiction, I refrain from consuming alcohol for extended periods of time. Additionally, I engage in jogging or visiting the gym 3 to 4 times per week, as these activities are enjoyable alternatives for me.

Mike Tyson


One final question. In medicine, there are countless specialties. What was the deciding factor for choosing to become a surgeon?

My Asperger’s autism is no longer a hidden fact. Whenever I cannot encounter a genuine challenge, I tend to become quickly bored. The field of surgery, on the other hand, brings forth fresh challenges every single day. Additionally, I am at my peak performance when working under pressure.


Stating that I have skills in craftsmanship might give the impression of arrogance; however, I am also mindful of my deficits and weaknesses caused by my autism and had to put in a lot of time and effort to learn how to overcome them.

Perceiving reality in its true form and not as it appears is crucial in surgery, and my autism provides an advantage in achieving this. However, unlike others (e.g. some Turks), I am unable to solely judge the content of a book based on its title and that’s good thing!

As we conclude our conversation with Dr. Bruce Reith, a sense of admiration remains for his tireless dedication to his patients and his pursuit of excellence in aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation. His expertise and commitment have not only improved the lives of numerous individuals but also elevated standards within the medical community. Thank you Bruce for your time.


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