In the world of fashion, there are few names that can boast as long and impressive a history as Huntsman and Sons Ltd. For 175 years, the company has been synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and bespoke perfection.

As a leading member of this esteemed house, Taj Phull embodies not only the tradition but also the innovation that defines Huntsman.

With an impressive history of 175 years, Huntsman and Sons Ltd is an iconic presence in the world of men’s fashion. As a leading member of the team, Taj Phull brings a deep understanding of the traditions and innovations of this renowned house. Huntsman has been a fixture in men’s fashion for over a century. How does the company manage to preserve its traditions while also setting contemporary trends?

At Huntsman, we like to say that tradition is simply innovation that has lasted. It’s an ethos shared by our business managers and Head Cutters since our founding in 1849. Creating ‘revolutions on Savile Row’ doesn’t necessarily disrespect tradition- it helps us understand our legacy, whilst reflecting upon the needs of our contemporary clients. Whilst fashions fade style endures, and I believe that is a common thread within our tailoring. while the ages may dictate sartorial trends, a Huntsman suit by virtue of its quality, construction and craftsmanship will withstand the test of time.

Taj is a key figure at Huntsman and Sons Ltd, a company known for its bespoke suits and top-notch service. Craftsmanship and quality are the cornerstones of the brand. Could you tell us more about how the company ensures that these standards are maintained in every product?

Ours is a bespoke process 175 years in the making- at the heart of our values is an emphasis on cloth, cut and construction, insuring that we stay true to the highest level of bespoke production. Sustainability is at the core of our business, our bespoke suits are made entirely on premises at 11 Savile Row, for the specification of an individual. Working with some of the most renowned cloth mills throughout not only the United Kingdom but around the world, there are instances in which you able to trace the cloth used in your Huntsman suit back to the exact flock of sheep it came from.

We employ one of the largest and most skilled workforces on Savile Row and invest considerably in our mentoring and apprenticeship programs. Keeping our entire industry in-house ensures that we have the highest level of quality control over our bespoke garments and safeguard future generations of skilled tailors and cutters to ensure the longevity of these age-old practices.

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Huntsman and Sons Ltd has built a legendary reputation throughout its history, recognized as one of the premier destinations for men’s fashion in London. You play a crucial role in preserving this heritage and guiding the company into the future. Tradition and innovation are two pillars of Huntsman and Sons Ltd. How does the company reconcile these two elements to thrive in an ever-changing fashion landscape?

You have to evolve to survive. I believe that no institution no matter how prestigious, should assume they are beyond the necessity for reform and regeneration. Maintaining a culture of listening to our clients and introspection in business practices help cultivate positive and necessary change without compromising our reputation. Our ledger books, dating back to the 1800s, are more than just a record of client orders, they act as a sartorial commentary on the changing socio-political landscape of Great Britain and the wider world for part of the 20th century. Chronicling world Wars, pandemics and the rise and fall of empires, these major world events are reflected through the changing desires and sartorial requirements of our clients. They also help us understand when and why changes are necessary in order to improve your business and safeguard for the future. By looking to the past we can properly forecast for the future.

As a member of the leadership team, you are instrumental in continuing the legacy and excellence of this esteemed house. Customer loyalty is crucial to the success of Huntsman and Sons Ltd. How does the company cultivate long-term relationships with its customers, and what role do bespoke services play in this?

In a consumer landscape that is dominated by instantaneous and impersonal transactions, bespoke tailoring stands apart. We are the antithesis of fast fashion- our tailoring is designed to last a lifetime if not longer, and in this respect we care for generations of families. it’s not uncommon for a father son and even grandson to enjoy the same tailoring from Huntsman, and indeed experience the craftsmanship of the same tailors in-house. It’s relationships built on trust and understanding that ensure our customer satisfaction and that we will secure clients for years to come.

Huntsman and Sons Ltd is not just a business but an institution in the world of men’s fashion. The identity and uniqueness of Huntsman are unmistakable. What do you believe are the key elements that make the brand so special, and how are they perceived by customers and the industry?

Unfortunately, Savile Rowhas somewhat of a daunting reputation, and historically, tailoring houses such as Huntsman have previously been shrouded in mystery and connotations of elitism, but we work hard to dispel those inaccuracies. As a Tailoring house we look to be inviting inclusive and diverse both as a business but also in establishing and international client base. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, because we believe we can make the most significant improvements to our client experience. We stand apart not only as one of Britain’s celebrated historic institutions but a tailor fully committed to bringing dynamic change to the bespoke tailing tailoring industry.

Over the years, Huntsman and Sons Ltd has served numerous prominent figures from around the world, setting a standard for style and elegance. How does the company manage to meet the individual needs of these customers while maintaining its legendary style?


Truly great bespoke tailoring is that perfect combination of style and substance. To achieve this one really needs to listen to the requirements of the client and not be too prescriptive in style. Every Savile Row house has a signature style, the Huntsman house style is instantaneously recognizable: It was once said that a Huntsman client could identify another across a crowded room simply by the cut of his suit. A nipped-in waist with single button fastening, structured shoulders and high armholes create a signature house cut that is incredibly elegant, flattering and most importantly- a comfortable cut which is a firm favourite with clients, however naturally we will make anything that they desire.

Huntsman and Sons’ history is closely intertwined with the history of British fashion, and the company has solidified its place as one of the most esteemed brands in the world of men’s fashion. How does the company leverage these cultural values to position itself in the international market?

Huntsman and Sons’ history is deeply intertwined with British craftsmanship, which is key to its international positioning within the tailoring world. The company’s commitment to artisanal excellence, honed over 175 years, is evident in every garment. Skilled artisans, with years of apprenticeship, meticulously craft each piece, showcasing tradition and heritage. This emphasis on craftsmanship distinguishes Huntsman in the luxury market, appealing to connoisseurs who value authenticity and elegance.


The handmade suits are renowned for their quality and sophistication. Craftsmanship is a central part of the brand. How are these skills passed down from generation to generation, and how does the company ensure the future of bespoke tailoring?

As I spoke about earlier, in-house apprenticeships and mentoring programs are integral to our business model. Bespoke Tailoring in its truest form is practical education, handed down from novice to master through generations, with a specific set of skills that can only be learned through this kind of teaching. A great Cutter or Tailor is arguably equal part artist and equal part engineer relying on both precision and intuition. We believe that we are vanguards for future generations of bespoke artisans and investing in new generations is the only way to secure future of Savile Row.

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Originally coming from a technical background, what prompted you to work for Huntsman?

Working where what myself and many others would regard as the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring, always meant that this was a goal in my career. Some people have an idea of what they want to do as a career others have a focus on particular brands.

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Since the pandemic, robots have also been used worldwide. For customers from all over the world, the personality, exclusivity, trust, and tradition of the Huntsman house are important aspects. Will these aspects continue to exist when robots are used?

During the pantomic Huntsman ourselves embraced robotic technology in order to transport our team to regions which they were unable to travel personally, however nothing will ever replace the human experience of bespoke tailoring. In fact for many of our customers it is this human interaction both through relationships with their cutter and the reassurance of the 80 hours of hand work from our tailors that first attracts them to Huntsman. New technology has a part to play in every industry and I believe when implemented correctly can bring benefits both to production and to customer experience, however Huntsman remains unfaltering on the commitment to a skilled human workforce-by it’s very definition it’s what a bespoke garment requires.

At the conclusion of the interview with Taj Phull, a key figure at Huntsman and Sons Ltd, it becomes evident that the passion for tradition and innovation is the driving force behind the success of this iconic fashion house.

Thank you for the conversation and for your time.

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