The Swiss Alps was the chosen location for LUXXU’s next project, a breathtaking retreat surrounded by luxury and landscape, from lush mountains to crystal-clear lakes. The region’s beauty is seamlessly transported to the well-appointed interiors, comprised mainly of the brand’s most emblematic pieces with a revamped twist. The luxury chalet becomes a desirable utopian paradise with a blend of traditional and modern design elements.

Outdoors of Natural Beauty

The exterior represents modern architecture, from stone and wooden details to gabled roofs and generous spaces. LUXXU fully embraced the area with its exquisite MYSA Outdoor collection. The Gale a grey armchairs, for example, steal the spotlight on one side, accompanied by the horizon-inspired Magna outdoor floor lamps and a timeless marble center table with an in-built fire pit. At the sunbathing section, the Gale a grey chaise longues offer maximum comfort after a swim, and the Mayer side tables introduce timeless beauty through their architectural marbled silhouette. The Skyline outdoor wall lamps can also be spotted throughout, offering a soft yet picturesque glow. Moreover, one can enjoy anal fresco dining experience by the side of the chalet, where the Vertigo dining table brings modern elegance, matched by the comfy and premium-quality Gale a grey dining chairs.


Grand Entrance

The hallway is a fully formed marbled haven. However, what stands out the best is the signature Empire chandelier, a grand architectural piece with a vigorous shape in brass and crystal glass. You can also discover the new Empire console with a robust marble column and metallic details at the end. The Crown mirror and the Waterfall II big wall lamps stylishly round up the decor.


Dining Room with Sweeping Mountain Views

The dining room is a world-class space with breathtaking mountain views. The Algerone rectangular dining table lays the decor foundation, setting a regal tone. It showcases geometric precision and a classic nature embellished in Statuario marble. LUXXU also introduced the Algerone dining chairs-including a distinctive new version, Algerone II-to match the table’s imposing disposition, adding extra comfort and modernity. Lastly, the Gala pendant with a bronze finish makes an intimate lighting statement, enlightening the area through its eye-catching crystal glass tubes.


Epitomizing Neutral Glamour in a Living Room

The Gala chandelier is suspended in a vaulted ceiling with a reminiscent vintage appeal. The stately candelabra-like piece finished in bronze provides smooth lighting to this open-plan living room nestled in a haven of modernity and neutral glamour. The L-shaped modular Thomson sofas allow for plenty of comfort and customizable options. Furthermore, the rounded Otto XL armchairs in leather and velvet furnish extra style. The Empire Set I center table rests midway in royal fashion. LUXXU introduced the Empire side tables and Algerone console to the mixture for additional detail.


Vintage Yet Modern Kitchen

The kitchen has a brown color scheme with pops of white and golden accents. The wall-mounted cabinetry in bronze and wood highlights the Skyline door pull by PullCast. At the center, a custom-made counter adds refinement. In its surroundings, the brand-new Algerone II bar chairs optimize the aesthetics while still being functional, and the Waterfall small pendants introduce a sleeker look to the overall decor.


A Suite of Massive Proportions

This generous bedroom suite receives plenty of natural lighting. Decor-wise, LUXXU’s Algerone collection reigns supreme with its muted shades and architectural details, from the classical Algeronebed to the sleek nightstand or the velvety ottoman. The Liberty Slim pendants add personality, castings oft lighting through its crystals. Furthermore, the asymmetrical Echo rug introduces geometric ambiguity, and its Atlantic blue tone contrasts beautifully against the grey aesthetics of the bedroom. Lastly, the Charla chaise lounge and the Spear I wall lamps compose an exquisite reading corner. The entertainment and lounge area extends the neutral magic of the Algerone collection with exclusive pieces like an angular sofa, armchairs, and a center table set, all of which make quite an impact. This space also showcases a dainty dining nook with the Darian table and the Charla chairs offering it character. In the back, a custom-made Apotheosis bookcase is placed against a veined marble surface, becoming an anthem of sophistication.


Intimate Bedroom


In this more intimate bedroom, the Château bed levitates in style and brings a sense of exclusivity with its massive headboard and warm features. LUXXU’s Empire collection is well-represented with metallic side tables and a sophisticated new ottoman. The Charla sofa adds boundless elegance to this cozy winter wonderland. This space is also equipped with a vanity area showcasing the iconic lines of the Empire dressing table and the dramatic flair of the Shard floor lamp.


A Resort-Like Spa

On the first floor, an ultra-modern spa retreat makes quite a statement with an in-built sauna, jacuzzi, and swimming pool area. The architecture and style are quintessentially modern, distinguished by unmatched versatility, courtesy of an assembly of material sources. The Hampton grey sun loungers and arm chairs guarantee paramount comfort with their deluxe composition, instantly transporting you to a five-star resort. Finally, the Skyline big wall lamps offer extra detail and smooth lighting.


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