There’s something about a neutral modern apartment with a smooth color
scheme that feels just right. Color scheme isn’t something that only takes
into consideration paint colors and fabrics. In order to be well executed,
it has to incorporate the right choice of materials and textures so that it
keeps its neutral aesthetic.

The current project takes place in the hectic New York City and the final
result of the design achieves an eye catching neutrality, combined with
functionality and luxury aesthetic, thanks to serene elements and the mix of
materials used throughout. The apartment, in which Caffe Latte leaves its
mark, opens up to those who look for a moment of well-being, with the
skyline as backdrop, wrapped in a cosmopolitan and unique design.

“Neutral doesn’t mean boring by adding small pops of color and certain
special details that aren’t expected to keep that unique vibe that every
house needs”


At the entrance of the apartment, the light and neutral tones are
immediately visible, through sublime and luxurious accessories.

It´s considered the starting point for a space, to get to know better later.

Living Room

Upon entry, we come face to face with the living room, an elegant and very spacious room, with few pieces, like the refreshing Milenio Modular Sofa, by Caffe Latte,

showing that it´s possible to create contemporaneity, not forgetting a touch of artistic and classic style.

Dining Room

In addition to the living area, this open space also features a sumptuous dining room, quite complete and covered in neutral tones, as Sugar Rug expresses.

The golden details enhance the importance of the dining room as a great complement to the living room.


In another part of the house, the kitchen reproduces a smaller place, but equally comfortable and functional. The cream and

white tones grace this bright and multi-faceted space, containing a kitchen island and Moka Dining Chair as main highlights.


Master Bedroom

Maintaining the principles of comfort and tranquility of the house itself, the master bedroom is a sober and accessible space, which will certainly enchant everyone for its subtlety, but also majestic appearance.

Similar to the main one, the guest bedroom is another element, marked by elegance, but also simplicity, in which the mirror and chandelier stand out as central points, in

beauty and detail, for an unforgettable night.

Master Bathroom

As the most opulent and luxurious space in the house, the en-suite bathroom is defined by the glow of gold and crystal

details in all its splendour. With unique pieces and an exclusive design, this room will make the difference in any home.

Kids Bedroom

Designed to be a space of fun and magic, the kids bedroom explores, in all its corners, different funcionalities that will delight the youngest ones. The presence of color and light

is essential, in order to feel the space as their own.



The office, as the final point of this wonderful house, makes the perfect combo between sobriety and ostentation. The desire to be there only increases, especially when

admiring the surrounding lighting and and its iconic pieces.


Contemporary modern style, with an exquisite touch of classic and traditional architecture, continues to stand out as a trend, reflected through this tempting new urban space that will

certainly conquer those who seek for peace, amidst the turmoil of everyday life.

CAFFE LATTE modern Design’s paramount is to provide ergonomic and functionality to any room, with a modern minimalist approach. Complementing other designs aesthetics with the use of

a neutral colour palette, presenting sobriety to any interior decoration project, ultimately creating a consensual and transversal design, suitable for any taste.

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