Thanks very much to discover our duo, it’s an undertaking to present me and Giovanni…it’s not so simple!!!The press loves defining us in different ways, at the beginning we were given the title of “the new Dolce&Gabbana”, just because we are a creative couple at 360 degrees and as aggravating one from the south, me from Catania and the other from the north, from Cremona and as major aggravating my first letter’s name is D and the other is G of Giovanni. We love and we esteem of their work, but our style is different. Then, with great joy, through the time we were recognized by the critics as “the Designers of The Third Millennium”, because we are very young, revolutionary in creating collections and as we were among the first designers to deal with the problem of anorexia in fashion with a social project at National level called ANOREXIA STOP in favour of size 42.

In reality one thing is certain: we are a creative couple well consolidated, as since 2006 all our ideas are the result of a common process. We are a strong duo, with a very different past one from the other that enables us to be and to express what we are today. Our life is fashion and design. We move from women collections to men ones with simplicity. We are very volcanic and above all curious of everything, we love discovering. 


In the women’s collections, we love especially to express and enhance the female part that every woman have. The dress as well as the accessory is an extraordinary means of communication, very strong, which helps to communicate this aspect. Every woman loves to express her femininity, each in its own way and it is precisely here that we enter on the field, when we think at a collection, we want to enhance the personality of each and we want our dresses can be used  from day to night, passing through the different occasions of the day. Today, more than ever, the woman has less and less time to devote to change the clothes during the day, moving from a business meeting to a drink with your friends and should always be fresh, beautiful, feminine, comfortable with your personal look … yes …  really a superstar, but each in their own way!!



On the contrary, our men’s collection as well as ours accessories, have a tailored and masculine style,  that switches from a formal man until a more casual look for leisure. Our man is a man who needs a careful look and cared for in every detail from fabric to the style that accompany him throughout the day, without giving up the comfort and a touch of refined details that allow to differentiate him and then to be an exclusive man. The details are essential for us, we are obsessed from them, we have fun to insert in our creations, both externally that even in the interior part elements  unique, funny, and personalized. The male accessorie it’s important for the man; infact we draw two complete lines of accessories: the first line exclusively in high quality leather.  For each collection we design door papers, wallets, door i pads, bags for the weekend, sports bags, shoes, belts, and small accessories such as cufflinks, bracelets and button covers. The second is a line of the highest level achieved only in leathers like crocodile and ostrich. It is a timeless line all in limited edition.



During the year we live in three different continents: Asia, Europe and America. Our inspirations start by knowledge of the people and their lifestyle; we have the good fortune to live in three different continents with their history and their culture, you can discover several different peoples lives, behold this gives  you adrenaline-charged and knowledge that goes beyond the inspiration. Then  when you will start to study a collection, you will think about the needs and customs of those persons and then you will carry it inside the creations.

Our Style is: International, fresh, contemporary, wearable, and researched

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