As an award-winning pianist, composer, and internationally renowned artist,
Omar Akram has not only influenced the world of music but also inspired
numerous individuals worldwide.

Beyond the stage and studio recordings, Omar grants us an intimate glimpse
behind the scenes of his life, health, fitness, and his latest projects.
Omar is not only a master of his craft but also an advocate for a holistic
lifestyle centered around health, well-being, and personal growth.

It is an honor to share this time with such a talented and inspiring artist.

Can you give us an insight into your life outside of music? What are your
interests and passions beyond the world of music?

Outside of music, I lead a diverse life filled with various interests and
passions. I find solace and rejuvenation by immersing myself in the tranquil
beauty of the ocean. Whether it’s taking leisurely walks along the shore,
marveling at the vastness of the sea, or simply enjoying the calming
presence of the waves, the ocean offers a soothing escape from the hustle
and bustle of daily life.

In addition to my love for the ocean, I am an avid reader with a deep
appreciation for literature. Exploring captivating stories and
thought-provoking essays allows me to engage my imagination and broaden my
perspective on the world.

I also have a passion for culinary adventures and cultural exploration. I
enjoy savoring diverse cuisines from around the world and immersing myself
in different cultural traditions through visits to museums, art galleries,
and cultural festivals.

In essence, my life outside of music is characterized by a sense of
curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for exploration, whether
it’s by the ocean’s edge, within the pages of a book, or through the diverse
experiences offered by different cultures and creative projects.

How did your musical journey actually begin?

As a child growing up in Prague, Czech Republic, I was full of boundless
energy, prompting my parents to introduce me to the piano. Recognizing my
enthusiasm for music, they enrolled me in piano lessons with a renowned
teacher who also performed with the Prague Symphony. Under her guidance, I
embarked on a journey into the world of classical music, immersing myself in
the timeless compositions of renowned composers. These early experiences
laid the groundwork for my musical development, igniting a lifelong passion
for the piano and sparking the beginning of my musical journey.

Your music is often described as “world music.” What does this term mean to
you personally, and how do you integrate various cultural influences into
your compositions?

The term “world music” holds profound significance for me as it reflects the
universal language of music that transcends cultural boundaries. Personally,
it signifies a celebration of cultural diversity and the rich tapestry of
musical traditions from around the globe.

In my compositions, I strive to integrate various cultural influences by
drawing inspiration from a wide array of musical traditions. Growing up in a
multicultural environment and being fluent in multiple languages have deeply
influenced my musical style. I seamlessly weave together elements from
different cultures, incorporating traditional instruments, rhythms, and
melodies into my compositions.

Each composition becomes a canvas where I paint with a palette of global
influences, creating a sound that is both harmonious and eclectic. Whether
it’s infusing Middle Eastern melodies, Asian rhythms, or African percussion,
I aim to create music that resonates with listeners from diverse cultural

Moreover, my compositions often reflect themes of unity, shared humanity,
and cultural exchange. By embracing and celebrating cultural diversity
through music, I hope to foster connections and understanding among people
from different parts of the world.

In essence, “world music” represents not just a genre but a philosophy-a
recognition of the interconnectedness of cultures and the power of music to
bridge divides and foster harmony. It is an integral part of my creative
identity, guiding me to explore new horizons and create music that reflects
the richness and diversity of the world we live in.

What role does your Afghan heritage play in your music and creative work?

My Afghan heritage plays a fundamental role in shaping my music and creative
work, serving as a rich source of inspiration and influence. Growing up in a
multicultural environment with Afghan roots has deeply influenced my
artistic identity and the thematic elements present in my compositions.

From a musical standpoint, my Afghan heritage infuses my work with distinct
melodies, rhythms, and instruments characteristic of Afghan music.
Traditional Afghan instruments like the Rubab, tabla, and dhol enrich the
texture of my compositions, adding layers of authenticity and cultural

Moreover, my Afghan heritage imbues my music with themes of identity,
resilience, and cultural pride. Through my compositions, I strive to
celebrate Afghan culture and heritage while also exploring universal themes
that resonate with audiences worldwide. This fusion of cultural specificity
and universal appeal is a hallmark of my creative approach.

Beyond music, my Afghan heritage informs my creative worldview, influencing
my storytelling, visual aesthetics, and overall artistic expression. It
serves as a constant source of inspiration, reminding me of the importance
of cultural heritage and the power of art to connect people across borders
and generations.

In essence, my Afghan heritage is not just a part of my creative work-it is
the heart and soul of my artistic identity, guiding me to create music that
is authentic, meaningful, and reflective of the diverse tapestry of human

You have received numerous awards and accolades, including a Grammy for Best
New Age Album. How have these recognitions influenced your career?

Receiving numerous awards and accolades, including two nominations and a
Grammy Award for Best New Age Album, has profoundly influenced my career in
several ways. Firstly, these recognitions have validated my artistic journey, affirming the significance and impact of my music within the industry and among peers. They have provided a platform for my work to reach a wider audience and have opened doors to new opportunities for
collaboration and artistic exploration.

Moreover, these accolades have bolstered my confidence as a musician and
composer, encouraging me to continue pushing creative boundaries and
striving for excellence in my craft. They have reinforced my commitment to
producing high-quality, emotionally resonant music that connects with
listeners on a profound level.

Additionally, these awards have heightened my visibility within the music
community and beyond, increasing my credibility as an artist and attracting
attention to my body of work. This heightened recognition has led to
increased concert attendance, album sales, and media coverage, further
elevating my profile as a respected figure in the world of music.

Overall, these awards and accolades have been instrumental in shaping my
career trajectory, providing validation, confidence, and visibility that
have propelled me forward as an artist and ambassador for the transformative
power of music.

Your album “Echoes of Love” was a great success and garnered a wide
following. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this album and the
creative process involved?

“Echoes of Love” holds a special place in my heart as it was inspired by the
universal theme of love in its various forms. The album explores the depths
of human emotions, from the profound connection between partners to the
enduring bond between family members and friends. Each composition in
“Echoes of Love” is a musical journey that reflects the beauty, complexity,
and transformative power of love.

The creative process involved in crafting this album was deeply
introspective and emotionally charged. Drawing from personal experiences,
observations, and reflections, I sought to capture the essence of love
through melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that resonated with listeners on a
profound level. Whether it was the tender moments shared between lovers, the
joy of companionship, or the bittersweet nostalgia of love lost, each
composition was infused with heartfelt emotion and sincerity.

Collaborating with talented musicians and producers like Gregg Karukas and
Charlie Bisharat further enriched the creative process, bringing new
perspectives and ideas to the table. Together, we explored different musical
styles and techniques, pushing artistic boundaries to create a sound that
was both evocative and captivating.

Ultimately, “Echoes of Love” is a testament to the enduring power of love to
inspire, heal, and unite us as human beings. It is my hope that listeners
will find solace, joy, and inspiration in the music, connecting with the
universal language of love that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.

What does your typical creative process look like when composing new music?

My typical creative process when composing new music is deeply personal and
intuitive. It often begins with a spark of inspiration-an emotion, a memory,
or a fleeting moment of beauty that captures my imagination. From there, I
let the music flow organically, allowing melodies to emerge and evolve

I often start by improvising on the piano or experimenting with different
sounds and textures on various instruments. I find that this free-form
approach helps me tap into my creative flow and explore different musical
ideas without constraint.

As the composition takes shape, I refine and structure the music, shaping it
into a cohesive piece that conveys the intended emotion or narrative. This
involves experimenting with chord progressions, melodies, rhythms, and
dynamics to create a balanced and evocative sound.

Throughout the process, I remain open to inspiration from diverse sources,
drawing from my multicultural background, personal experiences, and the
world around me. Whether it’s incorporating traditional instruments,
exploring unique harmonies, or experimenting with innovative production
techniques, I strive to create music that is both authentic and innovative.

Collaboration also plays a significant role in my creative process. Working
with other musicians, producers, and songwriters brings fresh perspectives
and ideas to the table, enriching the music and expanding its creative

Ultimately, my goal is to create music that resonates with listeners on a
deep emotional level, transporting them to a world of beauty, wonder, and

You have collaborated with many renowned artists. Is there anyone you
particularly enjoyed working with or would like to work with in the future?

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with many talented
artists, each contributing their distinct perspective and creative energy.
While it’s challenging to pinpoint a favorite collaboration, there are
several memorable experiences that come to mind.

One such collaboration was with Grammy-winning producer Walter Afanasieff,
known for his work with Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Our partnership
resulted in my album “Destiny.” Walter’s musicality, passion, and dedication
to his craft were truly inspiring, and the synergy we shared in the studio
was electrifying. Together, we crafted something special that deeply
resonated with audiences.

Looking ahead, I’m eager to explore collaborations with artists I admire.
Whether they’re emerging talents pushing boundaries or established icons,
the potential for creative partnerships excites me. I thrive on the
opportunity to learn, grow, and create alongside fellow musicians who share
my passion for music and exploration.

Ultimately, collaboration offers the chance to create something greater than
the sum of its parts. Whether it’s with a seasoned musical hero or an
up-and-coming talent, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate
with artists from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique voice and
perspective to our shared creative endeavors.

What message or emotion do you aim to convey through your music?

Through my music, I aim to convey a range of emotions and messages that
resonate with listeners on a deep level. At its core, my music seeks to
evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and introspection. I want listeners to
experience moments of serenity and emotional connection, allowing them to
escape the stresses of everyday life and find solace in the melodies and

Additionally, I strive to convey themes of unity, cultural diversity, and
shared humanity. By integrating various musical influences and drawing
inspiration from different cultures, I hope to bridge cultural divides and
foster a sense of connection among listeners from all backgrounds.
Ultimately, I aspire to create music that speaks to the universal human
experience, touching hearts and inspiring reflection and understanding.

Live performances are an integral part of many artists’ careers. How do you
experience interacting with your audience during your concerts?

Interacting with my audience during live performances is an incredibly
rewarding experience for me. It’s a dynamic exchange of energy and emotion
that adds a whole new dimension to the music. Seeing the audience’s
reactions, whether it’s their smiles, tears, or simply their rapt attention,
fuels my own performance and deepens the connection between us.

I love engaging with the audience, whether it’s through sharing stories
behind the songs, inviting participation, or simply feeling their presence
as I perform. Each concert becomes a unique shared experience, where we
embark on a journey together through the music.

Moreover, the feedback and energy I receive from the audience inspire me to
give my best on stage, creating a symbiotic relationship that elevates the
entire performance. It’s a reminder of the power of music to bring people
together, transcending barriers and fostering a sense of unity and

In addition to the piano, you also play other instruments such as guitar and
flute. How does this versatility and your interest in various instruments
influence your music?

As a pianist my understanding of multiple instruments greatly influences my
approach to music composition. While I primarily play the piano, my
knowledge of other instruments allows me to envision how different sounds
and textures can come together to create a cohesive musical piece.  For
example, I can imagine how a guitar’s rhythmic strumming or a flute’s
delicate melodies could enhance a composition, even if I’m not physically
playing those instruments.

This broad understanding of various instruments allows me to write music
that transcends the limitations of any single instrument. It enables me to
compose pieces that are rich in depth and complexity, as I can draw
inspiration from the timbres, harmonies, and techniques of different
instruments while crafting compositions solely on the piano.

Ultimately, my ability to write for multiple instruments, despite primarily
playing the piano, enriches my musical creativity and allows me to explore a
wide range of musical possibilities in my compositions.

Your music is often described as meditative and calming. Do you believe that
your music has a healing or soothing effect on people, especially in
stressful times?

Absolutely, I believe that music has a profound impact on people’s emotional
well-being, especially during stressful times. The meditative and calming
qualities of my music are intentionally crafted to evoke feelings of peace,
tranquility, and relaxation, providing listeners with a soothing escape from
the pressures of daily life.

Numerous studies have shown the therapeutic benefits of music, including its
ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and even physical pain. By creating
compositions that are characterized by gentle melodies, harmonious
arrangements, and tranquil rhythms, I aim to create a sonic environment that
encourages mindfulness and inner reflection.

During stressful times, such as the ones we often encounter in today’s
fast-paced world, music can serve as a powerful tool for self-care and
emotional support. Whether it’s through gentle piano melodies, ethereal
flute passages, or atmospheric soundscapes, my music seeks to create a space
where listeners can find solace, clarity, and a sense of inner peace.

I’ve been deeply moved by the stories and testimonials from listeners who
have shared how my music has helped them navigate difficult moments in their
lives, whether it’s coping with loss, overcoming challenges, or simply
finding moments of respite amidst chaos. Knowing that my music can have a
healing or soothing effect on people is incredibly rewarding and serves as a
constant source of inspiration for me as an artist.

In essence, I believe that music has the power to touch hearts, uplift
spirits, and bring comfort to those in need. It’s a privilege to create
music that resonates with people on such a deep emotional level, and I’m
grateful for the opportunity to share my art with the world.

How has your musical perspective evolved throughout your career?

Throughout my career, my musical perspective has continuously evolved,
shaped by personal growth, artistic exploration, and the dynamic nature of
the music industry. I’ve broadened my musical horizons, delving into diverse
genres and cultural influences, allowing me to experiment with new sounds
and techniques in my compositions. Over time, I’ve honed my artistic voice,
delving deeper into themes and emotions that resonate with me, resulting in
more authentic and meaningful music. Collaboration has played a pivotal
role, enriching my creative process and leading to dynamic and innovative
outcomes. I’ve embraced technological advancements, using them as tools for
creative expression and pushing the boundaries of my music. Deepening my
connection with my audience has been paramount, as I’ve become more attuned
to the emotional impact of my music and strive to create music that
resonates with their experiences. Above all, my commitment to personal
growth and lifelong learning fuels my passion for music, driving me to
evolve as an artist with each new project. In essence, my musical
perspective is a multifaceted journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and
artistic growth, continually unfolding with each composition, performance,
and interaction with listeners.

Health and well-being are important aspects of life. How do you integrate
healthy habits into your daily life, especially considering the demands of
your musical profession?

As a musician, keeping myself healthy is crucial for my success. Even with
my busy schedule, I make time for exercise to reduce stress and stay fit.
Sleep is super important for me, so I aim for seven to eight hours each
night to perform well and recover. To handle the ups and downs of music, I
practice mindfulness and spend time outside to stay calm and focused.
Setting limits is key to balancing work and life, so I establish boundaries
and take care of myself. And if I need support, I’m not afraid to ask
friends, family, or professionals for help. By sticking to these habits, I
can keep loving music while looking after myself.

You have recently worked on a new project. Can you tell us about this
project and what your fans can expect?

Absolutely! I’m thrilled to offer some insights into my latest endeavors.
Currently, I’m deeply immersed in a multifaceted creative journey. Alongside
crafting new music for my upcoming album, which I’m particularly excited
about, I’m also delving into the world of television as I work on a
workplace comedy TV series.

From crafting new music to venturing into television, I’m eager to share
these projects with my fans and to see where this journey takes me

You have explored a wide range of music genres. Is there a particular genre
that holds a special place in your heart, and if so, why?

While I’ve delved into various music genres over my career, my primary focus
and recognition come from my work as a New Age composer. However, among the
diverse genres I’ve explored, one holds a special place in my heart: world
music. This genre resonates deeply with me due to its capacity to celebrate
cultural diversity and foster connections across different backgrounds
through the universal language of music. It allows me to draw upon my own
multicultural background, infusing my compositions with a rich tapestry of
sounds, rhythms, and melodies from around the globe. World music embodies
the spirit of exploration, curiosity, and collaboration that drives my
creative journey, complementing my identity as a New Age composer while
pushing me to push artistic boundaries and connect with audiences on a
profound level.

Do you have specific goals or dreams that you still want to achieve, both in
your music career and in your personal life?

Absolutely, I’m continuously driven by both professional aspirations and
personal dreams. In my music career, I aspire to continue evolving as an
artist, exploring new creative avenues, and pushing the boundaries of my
craft. I have goals of collaborating with more artists across diverse
genres, reaching new audiences globally, and creating music that resonates
deeply with listeners.

On a personal level, I value experiences that bring balance and fulfillment
to my life. This includes spending quality time with loved ones, nurturing
meaningful relationships, and exploring new cultures and perspectives. I
cherish moments with my 9-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter, as their
presence brings joy and inspiration to my everyday life.

Additionally, I strive to prioritize health and well-being, incorporating
habits that support physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Overall, my
goals and dreams span both my music career and personal life, intertwining
to create a holistic sense of fulfillment and purpose

Are there specific places or environments that particularly inspire you when
composing new music?

Absolutely, certain places and environments have a profound impact on my
creative process when composing new music. Nature, in particular, holds a
special place in inspiring me. The tranquility of forests, the vastness of
the ocean, or the serenity of mountains often provide the perfect backdrop
for tapping into my creativity.

Additionally, I find cultural hubs like vibrant cities or historical
landmarks to be incredibly inspiring. The energy of bustling streets, the
rich tapestry of diverse cultures, and the stories embedded in ancient
architecture all fuel my imagination and influence my compositions.

Moreover, personal experiences and moments of introspection are significant
sources of inspiration for me. Whether it’s reflecting on cherished
memories, navigating life’s challenges, or pondering the complexities of
human emotions, these introspective moments often lead to deeply personal
and evocative musical creations.

Ultimately, I find inspiration in a variety of places and environments, each
offering its own unique blend of sights, sounds, and emotions that spark my
creativity and ignite my passion for composing music.

As an artist, you have undoubtedly encountered many challenges and ups and
downs. What advice would you give to young aspiring musicians pursuing a
similar career?

As an artist who has weathered many challenges and triumphs, I offer this
advice to young musicians:

Stay true to yourself: Authenticity is key in creating music that resonates.

Embrace failure as growth: Learn from setbacks to become stronger.

Cultivate perseverance: Keep pushing forward, even in tough times.

Build a strong network: Surround yourself with supportive mentors and peers.

Stay open to learning: Continuously seek new skills and experiences.

Adapt to change: Embrace innovation and stay flexible in a shifting

Prioritize self-care: Balance your music career with activities that bring
you joy.

Celebrate your successes: Acknowledge and savor your achievements.

Keep the passion alive: Let your love for music fuel your journey.

Enjoy the ride: Cherish every moment of your musical adventure.

Thank you Omar for the interview with you.

Photo Credit: Storm Santos

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