Interview with Omar Akram

Februar 23, 2024 Interviews, People Interview with Omar Akram As an award-winning pianist, composer, and internationally renowned artist,Omar Akram has not only influenced the world of music but also inspirednumerous individuals worldwide. Beyond the stage and studio recordings, Omar grants us an intimate glimpsebehind the scenes of his life, health, fitness, and his latest projects.Omar […]

Interview with Ida Lundgren

Ida Lundgren, an impressive personality, not only known as a model and actress but also a member of a renowned film family. In this exclusive conversation, we will delve deeper into Ida’s versatile career, explore her perspectives on current topics, and discover how she intertwines her passions in the realms of family, film, health, and […]

Interview with Caterina Valentino

In a personal conversation with Caterina Valentino, we gain insights into the diverse world of this outstanding personality. From her career in journalism and as a presenter to artistic expressions, Caterina has showcased numerous facets of her talent. As a style icon and media presence, she not only shares her professional experiences but also thoughts […]

Interview with Melissa Riso

In this interview, Melissa provides insights into her diverse career, navigating the highs and lows of modeling and acting, and her passion for positive change and social engagement. Discover how she strikes a balance between personal openness and safeguarding privacy on social media, along with the considerations that influence her decision-making process. In the competitive […]

Interview with Dr. Sebagh

Can you provide us with insight into your journey and passion for skincare? What inspired you to become an expert in this field? I bring over 30 years of experience working as both a cosmetic surgeon — I started my career specialising in surgery for the face and neck— and a cosmetic doctor to the […]

Interview with Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt, an international icon who has achieved success in the realms of modeling, acting, and philanthropy, provides us with a unique glimpse into her fascinating life and multifaceted career. Victoria has not only conquered the fashion industry, gracing the covers of prestigious magazines, but she has also left an enduring impact in the world […]

Interview with the Filmmaker Chris Robert Riegel

In the world of cinema, where storytelling takes center stage, few individuals possess the artistic vision and creative prowess that can leave an indelible mark on the silver screen. Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with one such luminary – filmmaker Chris Robert Riegel. With a passion for storytelling that ignited at a […]

Interview with Mahlagha Jaberi

@MahlaghaManagement In a world dominated by the realms of social media and digital interconnectivity, there emerge certain individuals destined to transcend the confines of screens and magazines. Mahlagha Jaberi undoubtedly stands as one of these remarkable personalities, who, with her breathtaking beauty, distinctive style, and inspirational presence, has taken the world by storm. As an […]

Interview with Monika Bacardi

Monika Bacardi is an internationally renowned businesswoman and philanthropist. Lady Monika Bacardi is the co-founder of Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment (ILBE), IE Studios by ILBE in Serbia, and the AMBI Media Group in the USA. Monika is also an avid supporter of charitable organizations and philanthropic initiatives around the world. Thank you, Monika, for […]

Interview with Gabriella Sadler

We have the pleasure of interviewing Gabriella Sadler, an outstanding figure in the luxury real estate industry. As a renowned Luxury Specialist with Florida Connexion Properties, Gabriella Sadler has built an impressive success story in the real estate field. With her expertise, passion for luxury properties, and keen understanding of the needs of discerning clients, she […]